The 3 C’s of Credit Scores

Your credit score has a profound impact on much of your financial life, examined when applying for a loan or even when being considered by a potential employer. Learn what goes into determining this important number.

Why are my Credit Scores Different? FICO vs Vantage A Credit score by a different name

Why are my credit scores different from what my lender tells me? There is a lot of confusion surrounding credit scores and part of the problem is that the repositories ( TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) have created a overlapping score called Vantage. A Credit score by a different name. I believe that they have deliberately created confusion over scores by making their scoring model slightly higher than FICO. What is Credit? What is credit and how can your credit create such a big swing in credit scores? watch this video fro free online credit information.

Score Equivalence

FICO to Vantage
781-850 — 900–990
681-780 — 800–899
610-681 — 700–799
500-609 — 600–699
300-499 — 501–599

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