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looking over the lake
bad credit charge card
Image by Singing With Light
Only got back from my Trip to Uganda, the summit it self moved very well, but had been a tiring trip where many things moved wrong,
Started out with my glasses getting scractched intially not to ever bad nevertheless they just held getting even worse and worse till in the end these were unusuable,
Am using some temp reading glasses that althought perhaps not perfect permit me to access it here and catch-up
after that on about day 3 of the trip my laptop crashed with about 600 shots upon it, that I just had indeed there, ideally I am able to recuperate those, so switched from shotting RAW to JPG and also about 600 strange I brought back in the camera and can begin gradually working through.

And increase dilemmas in the travel my credit card tips got caught someplace as well as 2 chargeds of a few grand each wwere attemptedto go on it, the good news is the lender caught iit and blocked the card, therefore besides devoid of a credit card on the journey it wasnt to bad

This is actually the very first one, taken within Speke Resort where we’d the summit, a lovely place, which ideally several of my shots can do justice to

Will slowly be catching with your entire articles

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