“How To Fix Your Credit Score” – Why Errors Occur In Your Credit Report


“Why do errors occur on Your Credit Report”

There are several reason why errors occur might occur on your credit report

0:33 Banks and other institutions don’t check if the information they enter about you is correct!
Computer mistakes or your information is added by mistake.
Understand this, It’s not in your banks interest to fix any errors that were added on their end?
The answer is NO, they gain from those mistakes so its upto YOU to actually check and make sure those corrections are corrected.

2:33 A US public survey: 1 out 5 errors are so bad that if you apply for credit you’d will be denied, so please pay attention to what is going on.

3:50 The reason why when you report a mistake to credit bureaus it’s not done

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How To Fix Credit Report Errors

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