10 Mistakes to avoid when fixing your credit.

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Credit repair services, like Lexington Law and Sky Blue, offer their “expertise” in dealing with credit bureaus to help you fix your bad credit by deleting inaccurate items off of your credit report.

Now, while most people would say that these companies are completely unnecessary, that’s not true. While it is true that you can submit your own dispute letters to the bureaus, the bureaus have a way to fight back…they can simply mark your dispute as frivolous and dismiss it – just like that.

Knowing this, it’s easy to see why these “credit repair” companies exist, and why they do so well. Here’s the kicker though – if you get your hands on the CORRECT way to write dispute letters, you too can submit legitimate dispute letters to the credit bureaus, letters that WON’T be marked frivolous, letters that WILL be read and acted on.

How do you get your hands on the correct letters? Simple, find a legitimate credit repair service that offers them. Credit Repair Doctor is one of those services. It was started by the former CEO of one of those “credit repair” companies like Lexington Law, Jeremy Maher. Jeremy resigned from his position and dissolved the business when he found out the INSIDER SECRET of credit repair services – SLOW DOWN THE CREDIT REPAIR PROCESS SO EACH CLIENT MAKES THE “SERVICE” MORE MONEY!

Jeremy’s decision to resign was quickly followed by another decision – to take all the information he had gathered as a credit repair service CEO and bundle it up into one easy-to-use “do-it-yourself” credit repair service – aka Credit Repair Doctor.

Now Credit Repair Doctor sells copy after copy of the techniques used by these overpriced credit repair services, all at a FRACTION of the cost.

To find out more, grab the free guide on credit myths (http://www.brokenhalomarketing.com/creditmyths) or get your copy of Credit Repair Doctor now and start fixing your bad credit today!


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