Home Mortgage Loan Programs – What Is The Best One?

Home Mortgage Loan Programs - What Is The Best One?

Watch this video to get some good advice on the best mortgage loans programs. Whether you are buying or refinancing a home.
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If you are looking for the best home mortgage loan program that you need to start off by getting a really good loan officer. There is no such this as the best loan programs, there is only what is best for you.

If you talk to a good loan officer they will be able to put you in the best mortgage loan program for you. The interest rate does not matter is you are in the wrong loan programs!

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Welcome to “Selling the Dream” – Real estate news and trends. I’m your host Dan Moyle with AmeriFirst Home Mortgage. Today is Friday, October 21st. This week in real estate and housing news … I want to share information with you to hopefully help your clients. Today we’re diving into what a “Renovation Mortgage Loan” is.
If your client’s dream home includes a modern kitchen … A cozy den with a place to read … or maybe a home theatre for movies or sports… you both may be left wondering how to make it happen. After all, you can’t take out a home equity loan if the home doesn’t have equity…
Here’s how it’s always seemed to work. Someone buys a fixer upper and puts “sweat equity” into it. This of course means they have to find the time to do the work (goodbye evenings and weekends), ask for help if they aren’t a builder, find the finances to pay for it (credit cards, store credit, slowly gathering cash, hope for a home equity loan) and keep the excitement of their dream alive during the whole ordeal.
Another option you may not realize even exists is a renovation mortgage. This option allows a borrower to take out money based on the after-improved value of the home directly in the mortgage. Here’s why this is so great: The finances are amortized into the mortgage so it’s affordable in monthly payments, it’s part of the low interest rate of the mortgage and the home buyer gets to pay for a professional to do the work correctly and timely.
With interest rates where they’ve been for the last few years, for every ,000 you roll into the mortgage you’ll only pay about more per month on your house payment. So if your client wants a ,000 kitchen upgrade, they can plan for about 0 more per month. Not too bad!
What are my renovation loan options?
Depending on the programs a lender offers, you have a few choices for financing your dream home remodeling goals. Here’s a look at a few popular options: FHA 203k Standard, FHA 203k Limited, HomeStyle Renovation.
The FHA 203k loans are essentially the same product, with differing requirements or allowable repairs. With this loan, you can borrow up to 96.5% of the appraised value – based on the value when the improvements or repairs are completed – to purchase (or refinance) a home and complete the renovations. A few key differences between the two are that the Limited 203k doesn’t cover structural repairs. Anything structural needs to be bumped to the Standard 203k. Also, the Standard 203k requires a HUD consultant on the loan. This person draws up the paperwork and works with the buyer and their contractors to get a write-up before the appraisal. The Limited 203k does NOT require a HUD consultant. And finally, there’s a cost difference. The allowable cost of renovations for the Limited 203k is ,000 MAX. If your repairs and renovations go above ,000 then you need to get into a Standard 203k loan.
The HomeStyle Renovation mortgage enables a borrower to obtain a purchase transaction mortgage or a limited cash-out refinance mortgage and receive funds to cover the costs of repairs, remodeling, renovations or energy efficient improvements to the property.
With a 10% down payment you can add your taste & style to a house to make it your home with remodeling projects like a new kitchen, bathroom, room addition or energy efficient upgrades. HomeStyle Renovation allows you to buy a home and fix it up, or refinance and remodel your current home.
As you can see, renovation loans can be a great tool to help you achieve your goal of a dream home. With so much information today, we’ll skip the marketing tips – after all … knowing about renovation loans should spur some marketing ideas for you.
That’s your “real estate news and trends” update for agents and Realtors for Friday, October 21st… Be sure to subscribe to our channel to get “Selling the Dream” delivered weekly to you. I’m Dan Moyle. Here’s to helping hopeful home buyers, together. See you on social!

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