Mark Lenders disintegra lo stadio a pallonate!!!!


A short delay, the parrot blues
Small voices mimic your
It is not so difficult in order to make that sound
So view the back, the Ides of March
Reduce your hair like Joan of Arc
Disguise your might, they’re going to find you out
When they do, watch out

There is cash loan providers inside the temple
That circus tigershould break your heart
Anything so wild converted into report
Basically enjoyed you, well which is my fault

A bitch in temperature, the alpha male
Not at all something she’d ever inform
Except whenever she got deathly large
And out it emerged like summer time rain
It washed the vehicles and everything
Felt clean for a little while
A telethon we drunk dialed

Those starving kiddies, they ain’t got no mommy
There’s pink flamingos surviving in the shopping center
I would provide a lot of money towards infomercial
If a person would simply take my telephone call
Just take my call

Hello, patterns during my brain now going sluggish
Sorrow all across the top moves
Smoothing out of the sides of this stone
The lights tend to be out, where’d every person go?

Erase your self and you will be free
Mandala damaged because of the sea
All we have been is coloured sand
So pay to drive the ferris wheel
Smile, all that you can feel
Is gratitude for what is
As it did not take place

There is money lenders in the temple
That circus tiger’s going to break my heart
One thing therefore crazy converted into report
If you love me personally, after that which is your fault

There’s money lenders inside the temple
This crystal citywill break apart
Whenever all their energy can become vapor
Easily miss you, really that is my fault