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Inside a Professional Credit Card Fraud Operation – The Art of Charm Podcast Bonus Episode

“Fool me once, Shame on you. Fool me twice, Shame on me.” — Chinese Proverb

Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm takes a rare glimpse inside the business and mind of a professional credit card fraudster and social engineer.

In this episode, we will:
-Learn about the internet criminal underworld even before the infamous Silk Road
-Meet one of the former top dogs from the site, and hear how he started his credit card fraud business
-How he went to jail and why
-How he made thousands from fraud and how easy it was
-How to reprogram credit cards
-How social engineering is crucial to the scam’s success
-How he took his credit card factory mobile
-How he got caught and became an informant for the FBI
-How he snitched on the Russian mafia
…and more

Not our usual fare, but I think you guys will definitely dig this episode.

Download this episode’s audio (right click..”Save Linked File As”): http://traffic.libsyn.com/theartofcharmpodcast/BONUSCCFraud.mp3

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Six Tips To Help Companies Mitigate Mortgage Fraud Risk

Mortgage fraud is one of the fasting growing financial crimes in US history. Techniques to commit mortgage fraud have grown more sophisticated, resulting in more advanced counter techniques to combat mortgage fraud. In 2005 the FBI reported over one billion dollars in property and loans were lost due to mortgage fraud.

Too often the signs of mortgage fraud for profit or mortgage fraud for property are difficult to spot. Many experts agree that the public is ill-informed of potential mortgage fraud scams, making education and documentation efforts even more crucial. The below six steps are basic steps for companies to take to minimize the risk of becoming a victim of mortgage fraud:

1. Be cautious of property brokers insistent that buyers use a specific lender.

2. Ensure you receive copies of signed documents

3. Hire third-party appraisers.

4. Get referrals for mortgage and real estate professionals with an established record.

5. Never sign documents that have missing information.

6. Take advantage of professional services that report on mortgage fraud and collaborate with the federal government.

By investing your time and being diligent, you will mitigate your business’s risk of become a victim of mortgage fraud. Protecting against mortgage fraud starts with you. If your instincts make you suspicious, follow them.

Maintain Good Records:

In the early stages of the mortgage loan application process it is important for the consumer to get referred to an established professional. Consumers should remember when asked for a signature, never sign documents that are incomplete. In addition, the consumer should receive a copy of documents that are signed. Maintaining good records of conversations, contact information and documents exchanged is important.

Third-Party Appraisers:

Just like it is important to be cautious of property brokers that are specific of using a particular lender so too can a mortgage fraud risk be found when not using a third-party appraiser. The appraisal process if neglected can leave you vulnerable to become a victim of mortgage fraud. Appraisal fraud is often encountered when flipping properties. In these situations an unscrupulous appraiser appraises the property at a much higher value. At which point the buyer resells the property quickly for a maximum profit. To reduce your vulnerability for appraisal fraud, utilize a third party appraiser that is licensed properly and verify the appraiser’s license. Online monitoring systems now exist for appraiser license verification.

Mortgage Fraud Professional Services Reports:

Technology can play a complementary role to your efforts to find potential mortgage fraud patterns. Mortgage database software can also help uncover mortgage fraud patterns. A mortgage fraud report is an example of mortgage database software in action. These reports are professional services reports that can be beneficial for mortgage industry professionals. National mortgage fraud databases can help diligent mortgage industry professionals better protect against the risk of mortgage fraud.

Future Considerations for Mortgage Fraud:

When mortgage fraud occurs it is far reaching and impacts the real estate industry and the overall economy. The above were tips and considerations for current issues within the mortgage fraud industry. What will be the future significance of mortgage fraud, loan fraud, appraisal fraud, mortgage lending fraud, and mortgage database software onto the mortgage and real estate industry?

Michelle Thiel is an advocate for the information industry with an interest in mortgage fraud, loan fraud, appraisal fraud, appraiser license verification, and mortgage database software.

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Stay protected from credit fraud while scheduling holiday tickets online

credit fraud
by European Parliament

With the upcoming vacations, individuals are very busy reserving their flights and also paying for their travel plans. On the internet reservation and also payment of flights is one of the most favored technique by tourists due to its convenience. However, many identity thieves benefit from these processes and utilize them to devote debt fraudulence. You can avoid bank card scams by adhering to specific preventive actions.1.

Reserve your tickets at reliable Web sites.Most people

are brought in to seat sales and also discounted trip tickets. These are usually offered along with resort booking and also scenic tour bundles. Always dual and triple check prior to making a payment for these sorts of offers, to make sure that you do not come down with a bogus trip. To stop on-line booking fraud, you must be crucial in evaluating whether the web site offering this coupon is real. If the traveling web site is new to you, you must do a comprehensive research study online relating to the traveling web site’s authorization to market airline company tickets and also travel bundles.2.

Pay over safe websites only.When it’s time to
spend for your scheduled trips, you are generally rerouted to a protected online payment kind. There are 3 important indications that a Web web page is safe and secure. This page needs to consist of a lock symbol in your web browser’s home window structure located at the ideal side. The web address or LINK of the website should likewise begin with https, where “s” stands for “safe.” (In some web browsers, the color of the protection standing bar modifications to environment-friendly when a site has upgraded safety features.3.

Sign from sites where you logged in.When you

browse through to a site, ensure you log out each time. This is crucial, specifically when you register personal information. Never ever believe that shutting a web browser suffices to remove all traces of your login details. When you pay for your scheduled tickets online, you typically use your credit report card. Thus, after spending for your holiday tickets, indicator out of the internet site and clear the internet browser cookies as well as cache. This can help avoid charge card fraud.4.

Do not respond to e-mails requesting your charge card details.Phishing is a typical technique for on-line scammers to take your information. In accordance with the vacations, they may impersonate an on the internet reserving company requesting your credit scores information and also confirmation to change your flight details. Never reply to these e-mails.5. Update your anti-virus and anti-spyware programs.Before booking your flights, ensure that your anti-virus and also

anti-spyware programs are upgraded. Anti-spyware programs safeguard from credit scams by avoiding the installment of malwares that can snoop your computer activities, thus shielding any type of credit history card info that you’ve participated in online forms.6. Maintain receipts for on the internet ticket payments as well as testimonial payment statements.Make a behavior of saving a duplicate of the

online repayments you made for your vacation tickets. By doing this, you can inspect if the proper quantity was charged to your card. You can contrast this with the settlement shown in your credit scores card declaration to identify for discrepancies and also ensure that no fraudulence occurred after the reservation. Amy is an energetic blog owner who likes sharing intriguing financing related short articles to motivate individuals to take care of and safeguard their financial resources.

She likewise covers subjects on< a rel= "nofollow"href="http://www.creditdata.com/credit-data-theft-important-things-to-know/ "> information breach and actions to avoid credit report fraudulence when going shopping online that can aid individuals avoid their credit history & avoid monetary losses. Below is a first video of me discovering the deep web. Please leave a like and subscribe

for more videos! This is for instructional purposes only. I do not condone piracy, pet viciousness, credit score card fraudulence, or anything else. Video Ranking:/ 5

Structure of Car Lease Fraud

I really hope the economic downturn just isn’t beating you up also poorly. Clearly it’s using its cost on several areas of the economic climate, one of that is vehicle dealers.

I might hope that vehicle dealers will combat their solution of downturn with honest and truthful sales and service, and undoubtedly some will. But there will be those who cannot, and certainly will switch as an alternative down the dark road of deceiving consumers. To avoid against these dealers that deceptions, we offer the guidance and understanding as entirely on my blog plus a number of articles We have written for all journals.

One section of automobile dealer fraud we continue steadily to see a substantial amount of involves fraud in car leases. Even with the recession, dealers are still able to request financing for automobile leases, and car leases are frequently more expensive for customers, although they look as cheaper at first glance.

The classic lease fraudulence could be the “bait and switch,” in which a consumer would go to a dealer purchase a car and thinks he is purchasing a motor vehicle, it is as an alternative switched into a lease. Often dealers will inform consumers that they should subscribe to a lease “for a short while” to allow rates of interest come-down, or other malarky, and promise to alter the deal to a purchase offer “in a couple weeks.” If the customer comes back “in 2-3 weeks,” the salesperson who negotiated the rent with him is no place can be found no one within dealership has actually any fascination with changing the consumer in to the guaranteed purchase transaction.

There are various reasons why dealers would like to place you into a lease in the place of a purchase. To begin with, dealers frequently get bigger motivation bonuses from the leasing businesses to place consumers into a lease, so dealers usually earn more income through the loan providers on leases. Same using the manufacturers: based on the proceedings with vehicle stock, producers will most likely offer dealers incentives to put consumers into leases as opposed to purchases. Eventually, rent contracts are complicated, allowing dealers to put even more curveballs into the lease which bring about higher hidden fees and repayments by the consumer.

Currently, as of today, GM product sales are down by over 40percent and Ford product sales tend to be down by over 30%. I do perhaps not understand the current standing of Chrysler product sales, but it’s probably similar. GM and Ford come in a posture in which they, and their dealers, is going to do just about anything to move cars off the great deal. As mentioned above, there are truthfully quite a few dealers who’ll respond to current pressures with truthful methods of promoting car sales, but there’s also those that will respond dishonestly.

I actually do have a couple of guidelines if you are concerned about becoming switched into an automobile rent, or you tend to be puzzled as to whether you will end up paying more for a lease than for a purchase. Below are a few recommendations and tips:

1. Understand that, with a lease, you are not purchasing the car. You are borrowing it, or leasing it, for a longer period of time, and a lease price actually has much in accordance with leasing a vehicle. You will find often concealed fees at lease end which could make a seemingly less-expensive rent really set you back even more. You will find concealed charges for extra mileage and wear and tear towards the vehicle. If you know you drive 25,000 kilometers annually, your lease should reflect you drive 25,000 miles annually. If you lease a car with a lease allowance of 15,000 kilometers a year, you will be penalized seriously at rent end for additional 10,000 miles a year.

2. It will be practically impossible to describe all ways a lease can be more pricey than a purchase. First and foremost, you may be buying absolutely nothing other than using the car for some time within certain mileage limits, nothing more. You are not purchasing any ownership desire for the automobile. Immediately, a lease is usually higher priced because you haven’t any trade-in at lease end. Many ındividuals are perplexed because they think they may be able trade in a lease at lease end and enjoy credit, as though they owned the automobile. This isn’t real.

3. At rent end, when you yourself have any outstanding obligation regarding the lease (mileage penalty, problem penalty, unpaid rent repayments), they are frequently rolled to your after that car acquisition or lease. View your contract very carefully to ensure that you get a fair package on the next buy or lease.

4. I would recommend to any or all of my consumers they maybe not signal any such thing on the spot during the dealership. Take the lease or acquisition agreement house and digest it overnight. Discuss it with a pal or a spouse. Discuss it more often than once. If customers took this task alone and nothing much more, they’d likely stay away from much of the fraudulence and monkey company at dealers since they would not be signing documents in a pressurized circumstance, after having already been worn-down by hours in the dealership.

In the event that you, or friends, have any additional concerns on leases as well as the potential for lease frauds, kindly try not to think twice to contact us. And, if you have been cheated on a lease, please think over united states for your solicitors to solve the situation.

Robert F. Brennan, Esq. is a principal with Brennan, Wiener & Associates, an AV-rated law practice in La Crescenta, CA.  His company focuses primarily on consumer protection litigation, including lemon law, automobile dealer fraudulence and customer course activities.  He can be achieved through his internet site:http://socallemonlaw.com

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Credit Card Fraud

Identification theft is available in numerous kinds, but one of the more common kinds, and in addition, perhaps one of the most destructive, is credit card fraud. Today, you may think you’ve got shielded yourself from bank card fraud, nevertheless the truth is, there are plenty ways in which an identification theft can take your details and for that reason commit this particular fraud, that you might n’t have protected your self against every eventuality.

First thing you’ll want to think about when considering safeguarding yourself from bank card fraudulence, is the ways individuals are able to get your hands on your credit cards, or personal information in order to submit an application for one. The first thing you need to be cautious about is any issues you could encounter with ATM devices. In the event that you notice anything strange about the way the cash machine is working, do not use it and notify the financial institution or organization that has the equipment. The most frequent thing that appears to take place, is a little card audience is installed on the slot that checks out the card and may be usage for copying it, and also a tiny digital camera which monitors the pin numbers. This process enables the thief to monitor and collect a variety of card details and Pin numbers to use in the shape of bank card theft. This might additionally take place for the small machines that you use to pay by card in crooked stores, or by a crooked product sales cashier.

For lots more detail by detail frauds, these identification thieves need more than simply card details. They want target and brands, and these is available by rooting through garbage cans. These details can easily be entirely on utility bills or lender statements. They could use that information, plus details available with the electoral functions alongside information this is certainly openly readily available, to perform expensive and intricated forms of bank cards.

Bank card fraudulence can also be done in the way of missing mail. Thieves being known to take post from mail cardboard boxes and each 12 months, the postal businesses tend to be stating more missing post. Essential papers such as for example check publications, credit cards, Pin numbers could all be intercepted before they reach the master of the mailbox.

You should also remember that thieves additionally use web sites to shop for goods, either through credit card fraudulence, or by simply using your personal stats. On the web auction internet sites must certanly be very carefully administered, and so should websites that shop your private information for just about any future expenditures.

The only way to be protected against credit card fraud, will be mindful. Your write-ups could be stolen in countless ways, and you must ensure which you always keep a detailed eye on your own funds.

There are certain insurances you’ll sign up for to protect you, if you should previously be a victim of charge card fraud, which is a good idea to take a look at these options for further research.

There are tons more methods to protect yourself plus family members from this variety of fraud. A very important thing to accomplish should place it into training. Keep in mind these thieves wishes your many precious possession, your identity. Knowledge is energy!

Creator and net entrepreneur Bernard Pragides provides qualified advice and guidelines with regards to identification theft. Find out more about identification theft and fraudulence by going to his identity theft blog at www.Identity4Life-blog.com for more helpful tips.

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I Was Caught Committing Credit Card Fraud STORYTIME

I’ve definitely learned my lesson!!

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This episode show’s us how many American shopper’s card information are being stolen and used by thieves.
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Credit Fraud Protection – Get The Best Credit Fraud Protection

In order to remain safe from all the scams and fraud nowadays, you need to have a reliable and authentic credit fraud protection program to safeguard your interest.

Credit fraud protection services are essential for protecting against any malicious activities that can be done by getting access to your credit card or bank details. Normally clients are regularly informed about such information when its too late. The data can also be freely collected from credit agencies that provide accurate reports, which illustrates all the facts.

Normally, you have to wait for 3 months in order to get access to your credit report, but if you use a credit fraud protection service; you will be able to check your credit standings 24 hours a day, and would be notified in case any tries to access your details.Services and information provided by each of the credit fraud protection agency will be different, so it is important to compare the type of information that is provided in return for what is what you need.

Some companies may provide access to all 3 of the credit agencies, while others may not. It is important to know that how the result are used by more financial institutions and lending officials on the basis of credit decisions. It takes time and money to identify any unlawful activities that have been done without the knowledge of the individual.

Therefore, care must be taken when choosing a credit fraud protection service, because monitoring can be of different types with respect to each provider. You should assess each credit protection service with respect to their advantages and limitations, in order to identify the solution that meets your requirements and budget.in some cases, credit fraud protection companies and monitor the internet, tools and calculators to help you determine the impact of financial losses.

For example, if you pay the car loan, you do not have an impact on the degree of your credit. If you repay your mortgage, it doesn’t impact your credit score. Trying to improve your credit and the registration of these tools can be really handy in for a better financial future, which could predict the decision that will lead to a greater degree of increase in your credit.

The solution should be efficient in securing and protecting all personal data and your credit standing, or otherwise it will not serve its intended purpose. If you use this solution, you will really benefit from it. Also, some companies may update your credit per day, while others may be less frequent updating of the timetable.

It is important to evaluate the company and the services it provides to make sure you get the best value to meet your needs.

Credit fraud protection is a very useful service that can used for monitoring of your credit reports, and to avoid any possibility of identity theft; and also provides protection against credit fraud .

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Retail Fraud On The Rise

According to a report released by LexisNexis, United States retailers are suffering from $ 191 billion in fraud losses every year. Actually, the average merchant will be subjected to almost ten times the identity theft of financial institutions.

The retail industry is currently suffering from $ 100 billion in losses as a result of identity theft; that number is pumped up to $ 191 billion when you factor in lost and stolen merchandise. Stores lost more than twenty times the consumer fraud losses which came to about $ 4.8 billion in 2008.

“The total impact of retail fraud is versatile and extensive as this crime claims multiple victims,” said Jacob D. Almeida, Vice President of Risk Solutions and overseer of corporate markets. “We are seeing huge increases in identity fraud overall as well as increases in the better known fraud categories like chargebacks. With the recession and increasing sophistication in criminal fraud methods, it is imperative that merchants and financial institutions work together to cut back on fraud.”

Here’s the skinny on the various types of fraud affecting merchants: identity fraud or fraudulent transactions claimed the majority of the cost of fraud, representing 52 percent of total fraud losses. Also, it was some merchant groups in particular that suffered the damage. Large eCommerce retailers lost 40%, an upsurge from last year.

Merchants specializing in telecommunications, online gaming and social networking sites reported 64 percent to 67 percent of their total yearly fraud loss as a result of identity fraud. Digital goods merchants attributed 54% of their fraud loss to unauthorized purchases. Furthermore, one in five retailers reported an increase in unauthorized transactions associated with identity fraud.

Credit card crimes continue to sharply rise, but it has been alternative payment systems such as online and mobile payments that have been a confusing source of losses for some major stores. Finally, there’s “friendly fraud,” where a customer places an online purchase with their credit card, then issues a chargeback after getting the purchase. This accounted for more than one third of overall fraud for online merchants.

Mallory Megan works for Rapid Recovery Solution, a medical collection agency. Looking for subrogation? Hire debt collectors.

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Bank card Fraud The Ways to Overview

< object type=" application/x-shockwave-flash" design=" size:425 px; height:355 px;" information="// www.youtube.com/v/RA5MWXb9dRc?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1" >< param name=" film "value="// www.youtube.com/v/RA5MWXb9dRc?color2=FBE9EC&version=3&modestbranding=1"/ > By Journeyman Photo: Annually UK charge card are ripped off of ₤ 400 million. The financial market hesitates to spend the sums required to quit it. And also the cops are left with a substantial trouble- faceless untraceable wrongdoers. Couple of are convicted and also the web has made the offender’s job less complicated than ever before. This film shows the surprising simpleness of the process.

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