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Credit Repair vs. Credit Restoration! George Cole Shares Credit Repair Secrets

Credit Repair vs. Credit Restoration! George Cole Shares Credit Repair Secrets

http://ncesnow.org/credit-education/ This link takes you to a resource page that gives you free recordings plus a free handbook for helping you with your credit score.

The video above is from George Cole, who owns the nonprofit National Credit Educational Services in Atlanta, GA. He believes in credit restoration and not just credit repair. He has helped thousands learn the credit repair secrets and he has helped them change their scores… and, more importantly, he has helped them change their lives.

He knows how much bad credit can hurt someone’s ability to live a normal life and get simple things they deserve such as houses, apartments, jobs, credit cards, loans, and even simple bank accounts.

Many Americans suffer from bad credit and they don’t have to. Who do you know that deserves a higher credit score and a second chance?

Contact George and his office staff will gladly help you on your way.

Contact the office now at
Main Office:770.952.5168
E-mail: info@ncesnow.org
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CEO of Ascend Customer Finance Shares His Real-Time Loan Rate Adjustment Technique

Ascend customer Finance CEO, Steve Carlson covers his business’s way of adjusting interest rates predicated on real time individual information. The company will present its eyesight at 2015 LendIt meeting in Midtown Manhattan. Led by a team of former Intuit, HSBC, and credit card company executives, Ascend’s leadership is using the effectiveness of big information for real time user benefits. Its very first product, Rate Rewards, will adjust consumers’ interest levels according to their particular financial habits. Lower credit consumption or financial obligation, or increased cost savings can lead to reduced interest levels on financial loans.

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